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Signposting audits

Every cycle route should have its signposting reviewed regularly. Why? Because things change. Over time, signs go missing, mischievous hands turn finger-posts so that the signs point in the wrong direction, signs get overgrown by vegetation, or the environment changes: new crossings, new junctions, and new hazards appear.

Commission a signposting audit from ParkThatBike to get a full understanding of a particular route and its signing requirements.

Our approach is that signs should be simple, logical and legible. They should be placed at junctions and key decision points, and positioned so that they are easy to spot and to understand. Too many signs can be confusing and can clutter the landscape. Too few and it’s easy for cyclists to go astray.

We can audit existing cycleways or assess newly constructed routes. In both cases our approach is the same: we will bring a visitor-on-a-bike’s perspective to the process. We will ride the route, in both directions, and assess the signage requirements.

On existing routes.

We will record the location, the type of sign, the information displayed on the sign, its position and condition. We will identify any maintenance needs (e.g. vegetation to be cut back) and alert you to any potential problems (e.g. signs that are missing, damaged or misaligned). Where additional signs are needed we will make detailed recommendations.

On new routes.

We will detail new signage requirements, including the location, the type of sign (and/or road markings, as appropriate), and the information to be displayed on the sign. On showpiece routes or rides with tourism potential we can also write supporting literature and guides, or help create interpretation boards.

You will receive a comprehensive report with all our findings supported by photographs, diagrams and grid references.

We can audit on- or off-road routes of any length anywhere in the UK. For more information about this service or a quotation please get in touch.