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Cycle parking schemes

A ParkThatBike scheme enables employers of every type, both large and small, both private and public sector, to make proper provision for cyclists. We do this by offering employers free cycle parking of various types for them to install on their premises. It not only tackles the problem of bike theft, it also helps to create an environment where cycling is seen as an attractive and convenient travel option.

The applicants  can choose from Sheffield stands, wall mounted rails,heart-shaped stands, PlantLocks and toast-racks.  The cycle parking is free of charge, but the applicant arranges installation, on their own premises, in a location that we have checked and approved.

The scheme is local authority funded and is managed by ParkThatBike.  We handle all the administration and stakeholder engagement, so a ParkThatBike scheme does not add to your workload. The tasks we take on include:

Studies have shown that ParkThatBike schemes lead to an increase in increase in cycling while cutting levels of cycle theft.  We can set up and run a ParkThatBike scheme anywhere in the UK. If you are interested in this service please contact us for further information.


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