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Audits and surveys

The right amount of bike parking in the right places is one of the most effective ways of encouraging cycling. Most local authorities want to improve the quality and quantity of cycle parking in their areas. But, before you can go forwards, you need to know the current situation. ParkThatBike can help by carrying out a systematic cycle parking audit of the area in question. We can audit:

We will produce a comprehensive, photo-illustrated and grid-referenced report that records the type, the exact location and the condition of the existing cycle parking. We’ll note stands that are incorrectly installed or that have been damaged, and we’ll flag up old-fashioned, unpopular forms of parking such as “wheel-benders” and slotted slabs so that they can be replaced at a future date. We also record “fly-parked” bikes locked to railings or other street furniture as this is often indicative of a need for better facilities.

The report will identify places where new or additional cycle parking is needed, and suggest appropriate design solutions. We’ll recommend “quick fixes” as well as measures that can be implemented in the medium and longer terms. We’ll provide detailed product guidance and costings.

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