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Cycle parking expertise… and much more!

ParkThatBike is an independent transport consultancy that works with local authorities, government agencies and major employers.

We have an in-depth knowledge of cycling, its many benefits and its potential to transform places and people’s lives. We also understand the barriers to cycling: the worries and concerns that can deter people from giving it a try. We specialise in initiatives that overcome those barriers and that make cycling a safe, easy and appealing transport option.

ParkThatBike (the clue is in the name!) has many years’ experience in the field of cycle parking. We run cycle parking schemes that provide businesses and communities with free bike stands. We carry out cycle parking audits and surveys. We produce technical guidance and cycle parking standards. We also sell cycle parking stands of various types.

More recently we have diversified into other fields: we provide signposting audits and we have produced three cycling guides: Bike Easy (2008 and 2015), Bike Healthy (2015) and Bike Friendly (available from 2018).

If you’re a busy cycling officer, travel planner, programme manager, or highway engineer we can help you. If your job involves helping people live healthier, more active lives we have resources and expertise that will enable you to achieve more.

All of ParkThatBike’s services are performed to the highest standards and our costs are surprisingly reasonable! Our clients return to us again and again.

If you have a need for our services, or if you simply want more information, please get in touch.